Public Safety

I leaned in to make sure the Denton Police Department would be provided a substation on the West side of the city. I was the only council person that identified the fact that the Denton Police Department utilizes a “delayed by train” call. I am a graduate of both the Denton Police Citizens’ Academy and the FBI’s Citizens academy. I am grateful the citizens of Denton voted in favor of utilizing Bonds to build an indoor police gun range.

Growth Planning – 2020 Plan

I was born and raised in Denton and I am committed to future generations benefitting from the Denton ‘culture’ just as I did. The city of Denton is amenity rich. My focus will be to create ordinances that support the city’s yearly goals; working to establish both short and long-term goals. A
key focus will be to avoid urban sprawl by lowering barriers to infill development (where it makes sense).

Affordable Housing Stock & Homelessness

The Denton City Council authorized a study to quantify what affordable housing means in our city. I will review the report findings with city staff and develop an action plan. I will focus on both the current status and specific measurable goals. I will work to ensure the wrap-around services are provided to all in need. The city of Denton needs to meet its citizens where they are currently and elevate them over time. I believe that everyone that wants a home, should have an opportunity to buy one.

Infrastructure – 2020 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

I believe in establishing a plan that supports all types of transportation. I believe the city should invest in separate trails so that novice and experienced riders alike can enjoy them. I will lead the council to create ordinances that reward building connectivity between developments. I will work to create an environment that understands automobile traffic is utilized most often but at the same time continue to grow other modes of transportation.

Business Support & Incubation

Currently, businesses accounts for less than half of the city of Denton’s tax base. I see this as an opportunity to grow the tax base and take the pressure off ‘rooftops’. I have worked hard to bring in business that will offer paid college internships. The city of Denton could become a launching point for business incubation. I will work to create ordinances that encourage small business creation. I will also work with developers to promote a
housing product that supports our entrepreneurs’ plans.

Proven Record of Accomplishment

Even before I was elected, I joined some strong city leaders to advocate for the Embassy Suites Hotel and the Denton Convention Center. My first year on the council as a District 1 representative, I took the lead to establish a school speed zone in front of Pecan Creek Elementary School. I have been focused on getting things done. I do not celebrate simple ‘no’ votes. I work to find common ground and consensus. I will bring the City Council together as a team to accomplish the established City Council priorities.

Transition Tax Burden From Homes

The city of Denton must be strategic about targeting the correct businesses.  I am committed to maintaining the Denton culture, even as the city grows. 
I will support ordinances that help businesses invest in Denton and become a part of the unique culture. As the business tax base rises, it helps take tax pressure off the ‘rooftops’. I am committed to establishing a city where a resident has the opportunity to be born and raised in Denton, attend grade school, go to college, enter the workforce, and establish residency as an adult – all here in the city of Denton.